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When you first arrive at our home page you will see a page like this. While you are welcome to browse around the site, you will not be able to participate until you are a member. If you are already a member of JERKALERT.NET or any other WETPAINT.COM wiki, just click on the “sign in to Wetpaint” in the upper right corner of the page and join the fun. If you need to sign up, click on the yellow JOIN THIS WIKI button at the right upper right side and continue below...



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(Please note, we support 'OpenID log on'. That option is available at the upper right side of of this page as well as from any log on screen)


    Select your user name,


click on the CHECK USERNAME button to confirm your choice of username is available -


if yes, the system will respond USER NAME AVAILABLE, if Not the system will respond USER NAME ALREADY TAKEN and you will have to a different user name until you select one that is available.


  • Then select and enter your PASSWORD - twice - we ask you to retype your password to avoid errors


  • Enter your E-MAIL ADDRESS - twice - again, please repeat to ensure we get your correct address.


    Enter your FIRST and LAST NAME, and DATE OF BIRTH -




    We recommend you receive the updates but it is not necessary

    And we recommend you click the “Remember Me” option which will streamline future log in.


    Click on the JOIN button and that's it! You are ready to participate in the JERKALERT.NET wiki. If you have questions, there is a “help” option at the bottom of every page!



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Please keep this email for your records as it provides helpful log on and user information and links where you can easily access the site and/or manage your account.