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Wetpaint Announces Top 2008 Trends and Topics in Social Publishing and Predictions for 2009


The year's social publishing zeitgeist reveals a cultural canvas that is hot for television, games, smartphones, social causes, and education, as well as, shall we say, some unusual interests. "I am always fascinated by the topics that rocket to popularity in any given year," said Ben Elowitz, CEO of Wetpaint. "When people create, collect, and organize content together about something they're really into, the results are always amazing - and certainly never predictable


Based on traffic and contribution to Wetpaint sites, the top content categories in 2008 on the Wetpaint network were: 1.TV Fansites


2.Social Activism






5.Education "


And the Top Causes Galvanizing Social Activism:


1.Join the Impact 2.Voter Suppression


3.Obama Delegates




5.Save Darfur


Its no surprise that Obama dominated the online political mindshare, but what was surprising was the surge in so-called 'flash activism. 2009 will see an explosion of people using the Web to organize social movements. Everyone that saw what Obama did with the internet and interactive social networking and will try to replicate it for their own cause. This year's best example of that trend was Join the Impact. In about a week's time, 300 simultaneous protests attracting a quarter million participants around the world were organized using Wetpaint. Click here for the rest of the article lets you participate in just about any area of interest you can name. Let us be YOUR portal to FREE access for researching issues, connecting with other like minded individuals, and world wide collaboration for positive social change. If we don't have your topic of interest, we will add it. Then we will help you connect and collaborate with all the other people sharing your issues.


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