Using a WIKI is as easy as riding a bike and even more fun!easy as riding a bike


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This page is to assist those who are unfamiliar with WIKIs or have questions about how to use our WIKI portal If you would like more information on how a WIKI works click below and watch the short video (If unavailable, click on the link below the video for another source)


Wetpaint in Plain English from Kevin on Vimeo.


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Your Account


* How do I create an account?


* What can I do if I'm having trouble signing in?


* How do I manage my email notifications?


* How do I add bio content and images to my profile?


* How do I change my email or password on my account?


* How can I use OpenID on Wetpaint sites?




Browser Support


* What browsers does Wetpaint support?


* I use Safari and I can't see many of the features. Why?


Discussion Forum


* How do I start a new thread?


* Can I reply to a thread?





* Who can view, add, comment on or change Jerkalert WIKI data?


More information


* Explanation and History of wikis



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