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Welcome to our Help pages.


We have created some pages to help our members fully appreciate and use the resources and options that are available through


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Site Help


Here you can find answers to questions about using and its various features.


Wiki Help


Wikis have recently become one of the more popular social networking medias today. Even though they were developed in 1994, they have only just become really popular. Click here for more history.


In addition, wikis are pretty wild and don't have a lot of rules or guidelines. You will find some features that make a lot of sense and are easy to use. Others will be a bit more daunting and require a little patience to grasp.


One aspect of wiki (at least at this time) is the lack of active help from the wiki hosting sites (like our Most help features of are based on the same thread concept as all the other wikis in the world; you post a thread (or comment) on a topic of interest. You add Tags (words that help describe your subject), and you wait for a response. Sometimes that will be a moderator or employee of sometimes it will be other users (who may or may not know what they are talking about). Click here for a detailed help link for understanding and using our wiki portal jerkalert/ There we are busy adding links explaining:


* What is a wiki


* What is


* How does work


And we are creating tutorials on how to:


* sign up


* add threads (or posts)


* how to request a new page (topic)


* And more.....


Mobile User Help


Currently, our wiki - - can be accessed directly via Iphones (and many other cellphones providers) by going directly to our wiki site


We have been informed however, has no active support for mobile users nor plans on this feature within any upcoming release. Let know how you feel and if you would like this feature sooner than later. Click on this link to join the discussion revolving around this emerging new wiki access option. Remember, you will have to sign up or sign in to join these discussions.


In the meantime, is feverishly working on a mobile browser format (known as a .mobi). Stay tuned for developements in this exciting arena. Click here for a link to the current status and discussion about mobile access.


Consumer Assistance


Click here where you will find a growing number of links and site references to assist people in pursuing a consumer complaint.


Of course, please do let us know if we have missed a valuable resource you can recommend. Click here for our secure contact form.