Help put the COMMON back in Common Courtesy


    2. The Internet is a two-edged sword. It brings the world right into our living room while at the same time contributing to the anonymity of modern society. Increasingly people from all walks of life are anonymously discourteous, rude, negligent, mean, even criminal and know they will get away with it. Why? Modern society tends to "look the other way" or excuse itself with "it's not my problem" when faced with uncivil behavior or actions. These same people would never consider such behavior if they knew someone cared enough to identify and hold them accountable for their actions. But who will identify them or hold them accountable? You - that's who.


      Jerkalert offers an easy way to post JERKALERTs for all manner of discourteous behavior and actions using a wiki-based site, which provides fast and easy ways to add details, concepts, issues, and even complaints, in any number of formats - text, video, pictures, slide shows, links, audio. We are creating both real and virtual audiences; witnesses to discourteous, rude and so called anonymous behaviour to observe, document, comment upon and even collaborate on people's behavior and actions; live and in real time.


    3. Any and all issues can be effectively addressed; using the power of the Internet to change public and personal behavior and promote polite and civil discourse; common courtesy.


    4. JERKALERT believes we really DO care and if we really DO hold others accountable for their actions, people will actually consider and appreciate how their behavior effects the world around them. Its called Common Courtesy and it's the grease of modern civilization.  

      The Jerks of the world can no longer be rude while remaining anonymous but instead must face public scrutiny and accountability by you, our members. The more people that take action and contribute to the site - posting their JERKALERT or adding their "2 cents worth" regarding any given issue - the more likely we are to see the return of common courtesy and decrease in the number of JERKs in the world.


      Posted here for your review and consideration are real life experiences, episodes and examples of rude, discourteous, mean, stupid (and sometimes humorous) behavior, services, products, statements, actions, laws, policies. From:


      •  Political antics to environmental idiocies
      •  The neighbor's barking dog to a really bad parking job
      •  Bad customer service to cheap and poorly made products
      •  Dumb laws to intolerant social or cultural standards
      •     and more...

      • So join us, won't you? Click here for the jerkalert.net wiki site or, click on the WIKI navigation bar at the top of the page where you can quickly and easily browse our growing data base (thanks to you) or better yet join and add your voice to the collective din