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Help us help you in "Makin 'em Accountable"!


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We are sick and tired of being taken advantage of...

 We are fed up with rude and inconsiderate people...


 We are up to 'here' with stupid advertising gimmicks and scams...

 We are mad as hell at corporate avarice and greed being "business as usual"...


 We are seeing red at the way our environment is being treated...

 We are incensed by the behavior of our political and governmental representatives...


We have decided to DO something about it! And you're invited to join us and -get it off your chest. It's easy, free and very satisfying.


      Jerkalert.net is your web portal to immediately address complaints, concerns, issues or just about anything else that - gets your goat. CLICK HERE to enter our JERKALERT wiki site where you can quickly scan, read/review and add "your two cents worth" to any number of areas of concern or interest.
      Public scrutiny of JERK behavior and actions refocuses attention on common courtesy, civilized behavior and mutual respect, resulting in more civil, considerate and responsible world.
     Better quality products, delivered promises and follow through on stated claims, warranties, and offers are just a few of the benefits of adding your voice to the collective din: "We're are mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore".
      Help us make a difference - in common courtesy, reputable business practices, governmental accountability, environmental responsibility, religious tolerance, economic responsibility....you get the idea.



Rude behavior will no longer be silently accepted

Mean and inconsiderate people will be "outed" for all to see (and avoid)


Stupid, deceptive advertising and business practices will be publicized

for all to see

Corrupt politicians and governmental employees will be held accountable

for their actions


Environmental dirt bags will have to answer for their trashing of our planet

Religious intolerance and hypocrisy will be "judged"



We address all types of rude, mean, stupid, greedy - JERKY - people, behavior actions and issues such as child welfare, environment, politics, government, religion, legal, consumer products, travel and transportation, and the list goes on and on...


We also have a comprehensive list of resources (and we will have more with your help) to pursue complaints and claims; regardless of the cause or reason. CLICK HERE for our links page where you can find lots of valuable information to assist you no matter what your concerns might be; BBB, State Consumer Affairs, Consumer Assistance Agencies; State Attorney General, private practice attorneys etc.


So join us! Click here jerkalert.net wiki site or, click on the WIKI navigation bar at the top of the page to go to our wiki site where you can join the jerkalert league and exercise your voice.